Terra Mysterium's Steampunk Society

Founded in 2012, The Owen Society began as a live and interactive extension of characters created for Professor Marius Mandragore's Salon Symposium Regarding Spirits, Spells, and Eldritch Craft. The Society regularly adds new characters, explores new stories though the theatrical and video realms, and hosts a monthly brunch on the last Sunday of the month.

Our mission: We are an association of Hermetic, Metaphysical, and Spiritualist scholars dedicated to the study of psychic and occult sciences for the general betterment of humanity.

In our guise as founding members of the Owen Society, Terra Mysterium has presented our interactive panels and ritual experiences at many conventions and events including Teslacon, Geneva Steam Con, Earth Traditions' Oasis, and Roscoe's Tavern and dance club. Feel free to contact us about presenting at your con or event.

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Amanita Haegtessa a.k.a. Y môr o dan y dŵr


Donna Bella De Carabas a.k.a Dolores Dion


Eitel August Graf von Pappenheim


Aria Healy

Penelope "Penny" Dreadful